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Living In The Global Knowledge Civilization

You can experience, on this website, living in our world harmony in the Global Knowledge Civilization.

It Is Our World Harmony, All The People Of The Earth.

Nurture The World Harmony.  Watch It Grow.  Keep It Safe.  Do Your Part.

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The World Is Changing Into A New Global Knowledge Civilization

Based On Mass Creativity, Peace, Variety, Partnership Culture And Inner Friendship
What's In - What's Out

WHY?:     The Most Powerful Economy The World Has Ever Known,
                  The Growing Global Knowledge Economy Is Causing It To Happen.

WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME?:     Full Life And Fulfillment As A Whole Person

The new Global Knowledge Civilization based on this new economy provides far more opportunities to use your creativity for living a full life as a whole person in your relationships with self, other people, all of existence and the Divine Mystery.
Experience, on this website, what it is like living in the Global Knowledge Civilization.

HOW?:     This site will show you how to live fully as a whole person, in each of Eight Areas Of Harmony involved in your harmonious, full life, including how you meaningfully participate in the universe, how you thrive with others in the global community and how you are fulfilled as an individual.

Click on our Featured Area or any of the Areas below to see how it works, and how it benefits you.

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How To Live Your Full Life


THRIVING IN THE UNIVERSE_____________________________________________________

World View

This is a common world view for science and religion
that describes the new stage in the history of the universe,
and the critical role of human civilization in this new stage.
What do knowledge civilizations mean to the universe?
They are critically important.
So far as we know, we have the first one.
We are to nurture ours, make it grow strong and healthy,
and create many others.
THRIVING IN THE GLOBAL COMMUNITY_________________________________________

                    Religion                                                   Science


            Partnership Culture                                 Knowledge Economy


                     Peace                                                       Variety

THRIVING AS AN INDIVIDUAL____________________________________________________

Inner Friendship

Inner friendship provides precious friendship and reliable, individual inner guidance to
living your fullfilled life as a whole person.
Inner guidance is needed now more than ever.  So many new opportunities for good and bad
are created so fast every day, that the traditional institutions cannot advise so well
what to do about them.  You need a sure sense of personal guidance toward your
particular fulfillment as a whole person in your circumstances.  The guidance is there.
It is inner spiritual guidance, attuned to your unique fulfillment as a whole person,
and is accessable by prayer or meditation.  Learn to listen to and follow the guidance.
Learn to trust and love the source of the guidance.
Nurture your precious inner friendship. It will guide you to full life.



As Local Civilizations Change Into A


WHAT'S  I N                                                WHAT'S OUT

Peace                                                                   War/Violence

Partnership Culture                                     Dominator Cutlure

Equal Opportunity                                              Classes/Castes

Global Community                                                Us Vs. Them

Mutual Respect                                                    Prejudice/Fear

Reconciliation                                                               Revenge

Inner Friendship                               Emptiness/Meaninglessness

Fulfillment As A Whole Person                Ignorance/Oppression

Mass Creativity                                                Mass Obediance

Nurture The People                                     Control The People

People Decide For Themselves     Govt. Decides For The People



The global knowledge economy is forcing it to happen, but it takes reconciliation of major conflicting groups for these changes to finally occur.  They occur through the work of the Seven Sisters Of Reconciliation.
Each Sister (shown in the middle) Is A Principle That Reconciles Two Conflicting Groups (above and below)
   Science         Men            War      Different         Rich            Different       Humans
Evolution * Creativity * Economy * Variety * Partnership * ToleranceHarmony
 Religion      Women        Peace      Cultures          Poor            Religions       Nature

Featured Area Of Harmony


This site does not promote any one religion, each religion does that for itself.  In the Global Knowledge Civilization there is a free market place of religions in world, where an individual can freely join a religion or leave a  religion without punishment, and while being true to themselves and serving their faithful, the different religions live together in necessary peace in the global community.  This section shows how.

What Can The World's Religions DoTo Help The Harmony?

Live In Mutual Respect With Other Religions To Keep World Peace And Harmony.  How?  How can a religion be true to itself and live in peace and harmony with other religions?  How can a Buddhist be a Buddhist, a Muslim be a Muslim, a Jew be a Jew, a Christian be a Christian, a Hindu be a Hindu, a Taoist be a Taoist, a Confucianist be a Confucianist, a Humanist be a Humanist, an Atheist be an Atheist and live in peace and harmony in the global community, when each religion believes it is right and the others, where they differ, are in error?

Each religion must do this for itself, teach its own faithful how to live in peace, and set an example for others.  One example is Christianity, one of the largest religions in the world.  If Christians can learn to live in peace and mutual respect with each other and with the faithful of other religions, the world will be a long way toward global peace.

How can a Christian be fully Christian, and live peacefully, and with mutual respect, in the world of many religions?

Be a confident Christian, and 
L E T the Holy Spirit change people’s hearts.  How?

To learn how, read


A Path To World Peace For Christians

Learn And Live The Attitudes Of Peace

This is written from inside Christianity for Christians and others who want to learn how Christians can live in peace in the world with the faithful of other religions.  It is written in Christian terms, from the Christian point of view.  It is written for confident Christians who follow their faith to live in peace and mutual respect with others.  It is an example of how the world's religions can contribute to, and nurture, the global peace.  If you are interested in this, enjoy  L E T.


What else is needed to help the world harmony grow?

 Nurture the Global Knowledge Economy to full strength.

World peace is not a "nice to have".  It is now a becoming an economic necessity, because of the growing global economy.  The secret that is driving the world to the new harmony is the powerful Global Knowledge Economy. To learn how the new global economy works to drive the world to peace and harmony click here.

Read Growth News And Watch the Global Knowledge Civilization grow.

Read current news from around the world about the development of the global harmony in Growth News.  Support the actions that lead to global harmony.

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